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Meet The Founder

Dr Mike Oladipo

Founder & Provost, MOGi GLS

I thank all mentors and coaches who have contributed to our growth. I thank all the team and staff of over 120 leaders who work with me daily across different departments towards ensuring that the vision runs smoothly.

I want to congratulate all our leaders and leading heroes around the world who have taken any of our programs. We love you, we celebrate you and we charge you to continue to take the lead and lead the change.

Together we can make our world a better place.

Dear leader, if you are reading this and haven’t attended MOGi GLS, I am using this opportunity to invite you to check out any of our 5 programs, they will inspire you and leave you with incredible insight in the areas of business, leadership and impact

I’m Dr. Mike Oladipo and I believe you are a hero, keep changing your world.

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