It was on a very cold night after a long day, I was lying in my living room late in the night trying to rest.

Then, I began to hear a voice on my inside telling me, you will need to start a school for emerging leaders and heroes to be equipped in the area of business, leadership and impact

I got up and began to think through, I used the next 8 hours to create the concept and operational policies. It was the first of its kind around, so, I didn’t have many examples I could look through or attempt to copy, I was left with no choice than to design from the scratch.

By the next day, I was clear on how to start and the penetration strategy to deploy. I designed the flier and I posted the first call for students (leaders) on YALI face to face Facebook group in November 2018 asking interested young people across the world who want to learn about leadership to drop their WhatsApp number and country, I was overwhelmed with requests and it would take another 8-10 hours to cope with inflow of numbers.

That was the beginning…

We help individuals, especially young persons discover, develop and deploy their inherent leadership potentials.

We believe that we are outstanding. Not because we say it, but because we work hard at it. We are dedicated, committed and focused. We believe that every person will reach their personal best and overcome any challenge through a shared culture and ethos.



Inspiring corporate change, equipping career professionals and grooming emerging leaders into competent leading heroes and agents of change for national development, continental advancement and global transformation.


To see individuals become responsible leaders for the purpose of building a more purposeful, prosperous and peaceful world.


Learning, Integrity, Excellence, Relationship, Love and Impact……

More About Us.....

I didn’t think it twice when I got that instruction, I knew what I heard and I knew this was for a good cause, needless did I need to overthink, I’m glad I took that step.

Today, we’ve trained over 8,000 leaders in over 65 countries (tuition free) through our 4 major programs covering largely English speaking countries and French speaking countries. We did this in the first 36 months running from cohort 1-42.

Leadership is key if we must discover, develop, deploy and fully harness our individual, corporate and National potentials productively, profitably and purposefully.

My assignment is to raise leaders (heroes) for national significance and global relevance. This is what I’ve committed my time, energy and resources to in the last 12 years and I do not intend to retreat until I see responsible leaders emerging across all sectors and nations.

Raising Emerging Global Leaders and Leading Heroes

More on Our Core Values:

As an organization committed to transforming individuals into leaders and leaders into agents of community, national and global transformation, we prioritize knowledge and this can only take place when emphasis is placed on continuous learning.

Leaders must deal with integrity; this is a godly virtue that drives trust in leadership. We are committed to dealing with our clients, partners, donors and everyone who comes in contact with our operations with integrity.

We plan to raise leaders who will thrive locally and compete globally, for this to happen we strongly prioritize excellence and we frown at slothfulness and mediocrity. This is reflected in the way we discharge our duties and it is at the forefront of what we model to our leaders and clients daily.

We are in the business of grooming leaders, leaders must build productive relationships across board, this is why we place high value on people. We care about every single person who comes in contact with our services and products.

This is the driving force for what we do; first, we want our leaders to epitomize the virtue and nature of love by loving God, loving their work and by genuinely loving humanity such that it can be seen, touched, heard and felt in their daily operations.

The end goal of all our activities, projects and programs both offline and online is to ensure that we make significant impact in the lives of those we were established to serve.

We do not operate with casual mindset. We are very deliberate, knowing that every single action and move we make is potent enough to influence hearts, transform minds and inspire transformational actions in those we serve and in the community they live in.